A Quick Christmas Update – good news for Dr Who fans

Just to let you know that some degree of concern has been assuaged today as I’ve heard from Adrian that the wooden former he was supposed to be making does indeed exist….hooray!

Unfortunately the wording of his text message read thus:

She’s looking more like ‘Davros’

So goodbye sugar Elizabeth…
…and hello sugar Davros?

Don’t be surprised to find that we may gravitate towards making the potentially more lucrative sugar Davros figures rather than the sugar woman…I’ll just have to square things with the boss and we’ll be good to go! ;o)

A Holding Action

Consider this a holding action for now….still deciding what to do regarding starting blogging again or not.

For now, I’ve added a link to the old blog site in the sidebar…why not just import it all to here? Reasons, as I ¬†am lead to believe the youth of today say; two of them actually, firstly I think I want to keep the two seperate and not have all the old stuff here (new broom and all that) and secondly, there was a technical issue in exporting the old data and importing it here and I couldn’t be bothered to solve that issue, so if you want to see the drivel I wrote before, then follow that link