A COVID Crisis Update

Many of you will have seen the public statement from Historic Royal Palaces that was made on Monday (14/9/20) in regards the consultancy on proposed redundancies.

You sent kind words and wished myself and the Kitchen Team well so it was only fair to let you all know the following.

Teams across the organisation have begun to be shown the proposed new structures and the job losses and changes that will possibly form part of them. We are lucky, and have been told that the Historic Kitchens Team, and with it the cookery and kitchen interpretation we provide, are not currently roles determined to be ‘at risk’ of redundancy.

While this is clearly good news for those of us within the Kitchen Team, this is not a time for celebration. Our survival will be cold comfort to all those friends and colleagues who find themselves still ‘at risk’ of redundancy and my thoughts are with them and the situation that they are in.

We’re not in Kansas anymore!

Well! Global pandemic, who’d have put money on that a few short months ago?!

With all future work cancelled/put on indefinite hold/pushed to who knows when, there won’t be anything new to update you on from the Kitchens at Hampton Court or Kew palaces for a fair while. Fortunately there’s an awful lot in the past that I never got round to writing up because
a) I’m pretty lazy when it comes to writing
b) Time marched on and the next project needed all of the concentration
c) I tweeted it…that was good enough at the time

So, in order to keep me sane, I suppose I should use this time we all have to write some of it all up for you. So, expect to see sketchy photos taken with poor quality camera phones (God that HTC One M7 “purple” camera issue was a nightmare!) that I’ve dragged up from the depth of my hard drives, all married to half remembered information about what was done and when…all heading your way some time soon(ish)